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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Naspers Acquires Linda Ikeji Blog

New reaching us right now has indicated that Naspers, the South African behemoth and Africa's largest corporation of over 66 billion Dollar capitalization and corporate grandfather of DSTV has acquired Nigeria’s foremost gossip blog—Linda Ikeji blog.
Although details are still sketchy and both party are reluctant to divulge any seriousinfo concerning the deal yet, MZB  can authoritatively quote Thumbu Adam, a business acquisition official at NASPERS who was privy to the deal saying ‘’It is about time we ventured into the Nigerian online media sphere in a mega way.’
Rumour has it the deal has been in the offing for a while and that it is a multibillion naira deal—you can be sure to trust Aunty Linda on that. I mean who sells a billion-Naira minting machine for a billion Naira? You get my drift right? It is also believed that this is an acquihire; as this will keep Linda working with the firm for the next few months before she begins to look to start something new.
I sure hope she collects her money in Dollars (I mean, who wouldn’t want to?).

PS: If you read this and believed it, well congrats because this post is our classic way of saying happy belated April Fools' Day.
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